Oetiker Quick Action Couplings SV

Oetiker Action couplings are manufactured with only the highly quality materials ensuring that when you receive your product, they will be of the utmost craftsmanship available. Oetiker action couplings connect fast and secure, and they disconnect just as safely. Oetiker action couplings are the perfect fit when cases of speed and practical safety are an imperative.

Oetiker action couplings are developed with additional surface treatments offering less wear and tear and a higher resistance to corrosion. This ensures greater durability, and provides a longer and greater mechanical strength. In the case of air, gas and oil, as long as they are not mixed with any additional additives, Oetiker action couplings will be suitable for the job.

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Selection and Handling

Incorrect handling or the wrong choice of action couplings or accessories can result in personal injury or damage to property. It is also important to remember that the maximum operating pressure for each model, as specified by the manufacturer, must not be exceeded.

Also, external mechanical impact and or vibration, will have an adverse effect on the durability of the action couplings and therefore should be avoided if possible. Oetiker also recommends that action couplings and accessories should be checked periodically for excessive wear and tear, as well as leaks.

Oetiker quick action couplings meet all industry safety standards and have been awarded a type examination certificate from the Swiss Accident Insurance Institute SUVA. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the Oetiker customer service department for more information.

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Oetiker Quick Action Couplings SV

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